Our Mission

Recent years have demonstrated how Europe – defined as both the European Union and its Member States – was ill-prepared to address the various political, social and economic crises that affected its standing, governance and quality of life. Such a half-hearted approach mainly derived from a lack of foresight into first signals of those crises – simply put, European policymakers did not see them coming.

EuropeNext aims to identify and assess emerging, non-mainstream trends affecting European security from areas encompassing the continent’s Southern and Eastern borders – Northern Africa, Balkans, Turkey, Iran, the Gulf, Ukraine, Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia – and to provide sound policy proposals and recommendations to address them. In other words, what is Next for Europe, from the regions Next to Europe.

The concept of security adopted by EuropeNext is a wide one, embracing its economic, social, energy and governance dimensions. A strong emphasis is given to how these various factors connect and overlap in setting the trends in motion. Lateral thinking meets international affairs analysis.

EuropeNext’s team of analysts enjoys a wide experience in both research and policymaking in foreign affairs, with a professional background in international organisations, think tanks and private consultancies.